Thursday, 5 January 2012


now, the first poem is about HARDSHIP faced by the villagers during floods. so the theme of the poem is HARDSHIP, obivously.

Moving on to the next poem entitled He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soeharjo, what is the poem's theme here? From the title, could you identify any significant themes?

If not, let me help you. Listen to these songs and identify the similar theme that they share

ADELE - Set Fire to the Rain

BEYONCE - Best Thing I Never Had

So, listen carefully to the lyrics and the emotions of both singers.

What is the lyrics about?
What are the expressions of these singers delivering the song?

Tell me something that is similar.

To me both singers are talking about LOVE. and how they are both CHEATED in love and their FEELINGS about their relationship.

Well, He Has Such Quiet Eyes dealt with almost the same theme as these songs. So, i recommend you to listen again to these songs and share your thoughts with me before we proceed with the poem.


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